Vympel R-27 (missile)

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A Russian medium- to long-range air-to-air missile, the Vympel R-27 (NATO AA-10 ALAMO), comes in several versions:

Early versions have an engagement range of 10 km between the launching aircraft and target, with target speeeds up to 3500 kmph/2200 mph at altitudes between 0.02-27km, and the maximum vertical separation between the aircraft and the target is 10km..[2]

While the U.S. AIM-7 Sparrow did not have as wide a range of guidance modes, and is no longer produced in the air-to-air version, it is roughly comparable to earlier R-27 models. Current models have much more range than the AIM-7.[3] There is no known surface-to-air Russian variant comparable to the RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile.

An unusual variant allows a rear-facing or "over-the-shoulder" launch of this radar-guided missile. [4] This was first deployed on the Su-32 ground attack aircraft.

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