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The "America's Cup" is a trophy awarded to the winner of a series of yachting races of the same name. It is the oldest sporting trophy still in use. Originally the Royal Yacht Squadron Cup it was renamed after the yacht America, the first to win it. The owners of the America donated the trophy as a “Perpetual Challenge Cup for friendly competition between foreign countries” to their home club, the New York Yacht Club, under a Deed of Gift which established the conditions for those wishing to challenge for the trophy.

The America's Cup has been challenged 34 times since it was established, the first of which came from the Royal Thames Yacht Club in 1870. The NYYC successfully defended the Cup and did so another 23 times until in 1983 defeat at the hands of the Royal Perth Yacht Club brought an end to one of sports longest winning streaks.

Challenges may only be issued by established yacht clubs that comply with conditions set out in the Deed of Gift. For much of its history the America's Cup was contested between the defending club and a single challenger. Since 1970 the challenger has been chosen following a series of races known as the Louis Vuitton Cup, excepting the 2010 America's Cup which, following some legal acrimony, was raced as a Deed of Gift match between the defending club and a single challenger. The Golden Gate Yacht Club successfully defended the Cup in 2013, coming from behind (1-8) to win the final eight races (9-8).

The 35th America's Cup will take place in San Francisco in 2016.

The yacht America

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Deed of Gift

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Early challenges

Move to Newport

Louis Vuitton Cup

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NYYC's winning streak ended

Recent challenges

34th America's Cup

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35th America's Cup

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