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A list of key readings about Baha'i Faith.
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  • Amanat, Abbas. Resurrection and Renewal: The Making of the Babi Movement in Iran, 1844-1850. Cornell UP, 1989.
  • Cole, Juan. Modernity and the Millennium: The Genesis of the Baha'i Faith in the Nineteenth-Century Middle East. Columbia UP, 1998.
  • Garlington, William. The Baha'i Faith in America. Praeger Publisher, 2005.
  • MacEoin, Denis. Rituals in Babism and Baha'ism. London: British Academic Press, 1994.
  • McGlinn, Sen. Church and State: A Postmodern Political Theology, Book One. Self-published, 2005.
  • McMullin, Michael. The Baha'i: The Religious Construction of a Global Identity. Rutgers UP, 2000.
  • Smith, Peter. The Babi and Baha'i Religions: From Messianic Shi'ism to a World Religion. Cambridge UP, 1987.
The Cole and Garlington volumes form part of the "Studies in the Babi and Baha'i Religions" series from Kalimat (general editor, Anthony Lee), currently 21 volumes.