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This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same or a similar title.
  • Stub Balance of payments: an accounting statement for the transactions of a country with the rest of the world. [e]
  • Developed Article Balance of trade: The difference between the monetary value of exports and imports in an economy over a given time. [e]
  • Developing Article Balanced scorecard: Strategic performance management tool for measuring whether the smaller-scale operational activities of a company are aligned with its larger-scale objectives in terms of vision and strategy. [e]
  • Budget balance: the difference between a central government's revenue and its expenditure in a given financial year. Conventions differ concerning the items that are included, and various cyclical adjustments can be made to identify its discretionary element.. [e]
  • The Military Balance: Annual reference publication on the world's militaries, published by the International Institute for Strategic Studies [e]