Beastie (roller coaster)

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Beastie is a steel family roller coaster (Super Dragon MD31) constructed by Pinfari of Italy, in 1983. The coaster is located in the Adventure Land area of Alton Towers in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England. Alton Towers became England's first theme park in 1980.

The ride has moved several times throughout its time in the park, going from Festival Park to Forbidden Valley (1992), then finally to Adventure Land (1997). Located next to the Spinball Whizzer, it takes its name from the site's major coaster, The Beast, which was closed in 1998. Beastie had replaced an earlier coaster ride named Mini Dragon, which had been operating since the park's opening, and explains the dragon motif of the train. It is now Alton Towers oldest roller coaster ride.

Constructed with children in mind, after a short climb up the lift hill (15 feet), the ride drops down and does a basic figure of eight circuit. The ride features a tunnel and performs two laps of the circuit each run, with a maximum capacity of 200 passengers and a speed of 17 mph.