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Dr. John Dennehy

SB-E104 and SB-E113 (Office hours MWF 11-12)

This page serves as a central clearing house for the General Microbiology Citizendium Assignment

The assignment is to choose a microbe and create an encyclopedic entry about the microbe for Citizendium.


3/11/2009 -- Registration and Microbe selection due

4/22/2009 -- Rough draft due

5/13/2009 -- Final draft due by midnight

Assignment instructions

See CZ:Assignment instructions for detailed instuctions on this assignment.

a) essential information! CZ:Home

b) CZ:How to edit an article gives general instructions on how to edit Citizendium pages.

Note that Citizendium uses subpages, which require the template {{subpages}} to be placed on top of each page.

c) CZ:Start_Article gives some beginner tips

d) CZ:Article_Mechanics for more advanced tips

e) To make sure no other Citizendium authors or editors edits your article while you are working on it, label it with this notice:

All unapproved Citizendium articles may contain errors of fact, bias, grammar etc. A version of an article is unapproved unless it is marked as citable with a dedicated green template at the top of the page, as in this version of the 'Biology' article. Citable articles are intended to be of reasonably high quality. The participants in the Citizendium project make no representations about the reliability of Citizendium articles or, generally, their suitability for any purpose.

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Attention niels epting.png
This article is currently being developed as part of an Eduzendium student project in the framework of a course entitled Microbiology 201 at Queens College, CUNY. The course homepage can be found at CZ:Biol 201: General Microbiology.
For the course duration, the article is closed to outside editing. Of course you can always leave comments on the discussion page. The anticipated date of course completion is May 21, 2009. One month after that date at the latest, this notice shall be removed.
Besides, many other Citizendium articles welcome your collaboration!

To do this, place


at the top of your article (right below the {{subpages}} template (if existant).

f) In case of questions with wiki formatting, you can leave a message at this course's talk page or on the Citizendium Forums or ask some people you see on the recent changes page.

Acceptable organisms






Student Microbe list

The page CZ:Student Microbe list contains the current list of already-chosen organisms.