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  • ARC LIGHT [r]: Code name for use of B-52 bombers to deliver very large amounts of conventional bombs to targets in South Vietnam, during the Vietnam War; the term has become generic for large-volume bomb drops against targets without significant air defenses [e]
  • Biological weapon [r]: Living organisms, or substances produced by living organisms, used as weapons to produce death or disease in human or agricultural populations [e]
  • Cluster munition [r]: A military weapon, fired or dropped from another weapon, that releases smaller submunitions that cause the actual destructive effect [e]
  • Explosives [r]: Explosive agent; a compound or mixture susceptible of a rapid chemical reaction, as gunpowder, or nitroglycerin. [e]
  • Fuze [r]: A mechanical, pyrotechnic or electronic device that causes the initiation of a detonator after some sensed event or events [e]
  • Gravity bomb [r]: A bomb with no supplemental propulsion, whose trajectory is determined by initial velocity and gravity, or by the action of aerodynamic control surfaces. [e]
  • Insurgency [r]: A wide range of political and military actions intended to change a government, through means considered illegal by that government. [e]
  • Joystick [r]: Control device consisting of a movable grip with buttons; used in aircraft and computer gaming. [e]
  • Mumbai [r]: The capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra, and is the most populous city in India; formerly known as Bombay. [e]
  • Nuclear weapon [r]: A weapon that produces extremely powerful explosions from principles involving subatomic particle reactions, rather than the chemical reactions among atoms that power conventional explosives [e]
  • Operation ROLLING THUNDER [r]: Initial sustained U.S. air campaign against the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam), based on a controversial model of retaliation and gradually increasing pressure rather than a short and intense campaign intended to destroy, not dissuade and punish [e]
  • Warhead [r]: That part of a military weapon, which actively moves to strike a target, that causes the desired destructive effect on the target [e]
  • Zeppelin [r]: A type of rigid airship pioneered by German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin in the early 20th century. [e]