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Astronomy Workgroup
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The Astronomy Workgroup will organize and coordinate efforts to create and improve articles relating to Astronomy. If you are interested in participating, you may add yourself to Category:Astronomy Authors, then simply dive in and begin contributing!

Please note that information below may be out-of-date.

Core articles

Core articles are those that are as-yet unwritten and so should be prioritised. Please start articles on the topics below. Click here to edit this transcluded list.


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Parent Topics



High priority articles

In the list of articles below, the existence of an approved version is indicated by underlining.

If you begin work on one of the articles from the list below, please be sure to add the article to the Astronomy Workgroup Top list (add [[Category:Astronomy Workgroup (Top)]] at the bottom of the article's page).

If you want to import one of these articles from Wikipedia, please read How to convert Wikipedia articles to Citizendium articles first. In particular, please do not import WP articles unless you plan or beginning work on them "within the hour" as the article says.

Main subject areas

Astronomy | Astrology | Astrophysics | Cosmology | History of Astronomy


Archaeoastronomy | Astrometry | Gamma ray astronomy | Infrared astronomy | Radio Astronomy | Ultraviolet astronomy | X-ray astronomy

Astronomical objects and concepts

Constellations, Star Groups and Galaxies

Constellation | Galaxy | Nebula

Solar system

Solar system

Position Astronomy

Celestial coordinates | Poles | Polar Circles | Proper motion | Tropic

Astrophysical Objects & Concepts

Mechanical Concepts

Celestial mechanics | Kepler's laws | Precession | Tides


Big Bang | Cosmic microwave background | Cosmic rays | Dark matter | Hubble constant | Olber's paradox | Universe

People and Works


Walter Baade | Friedrich Bessell | Tycho Brahe | Annie Jump Cannon | Alvan Clark | Nicholas Copernicus | Galileo Galilei | George Ellery Hale | William Herschel | Edwin Hubble | Jacobus Kapteyn | Johannes Kepler | Gerard Kuiper | Henrietta Leavitt | Isaac Newton | Edward C. Pikering | Ptolemy | Henry Norris Russell | Harlow Shapley

Books and publications

Almagest | De Revolutionibus | Nuncius Sidereus | Astronomia Nova | Principia | Astronomical Journal | Astrophysical Journal | BD Catalogue | Henry Draper Catalogue | New General Catalogue | Messier Catalogue

Astronomical Instruments and Techniques


Astrolabe | Telescope


Photometry | Stellar parallax | Spectroscopy

Space Exploration

Galileo (interplanetary space probe) | Sputnik | ISS | Voyager



AAVSO | AURA | IAU | ESA | NASA | RAS | Webb Society


Greenwich Observatory | Harvard College Observatory | Lick Observatory | Arecibo Observatory | Palomar Observatory | International Space Station | Hubble Space Telescope | Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory | Kitt Peak National Observatory | Mauna Kea Observatory