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This page is out-of-date and requires revision.

In the early days, CZ started as a fork of Wikipedia (WP). Since then, many authors and editors have deprecated this decision, and eschew the urge to import articles from other sources, preferring instead to create articles anew. Nonetheless, many hundreds (if not thousands) of articles remain that have portions, sometimes as much as 99%, of text that have been imported from Wikipedia or other sources. To remove these passages of WP text from CZ articles is to "De-WPify" the text.

To de-Wipify a text requires at least three steps:

  1. Identify by using the history pages on both CZ and WP the article version that was imported into CZ.
  2. Identify the text currently unchanged from the WP version:
    1. Either change the text or
    2. Identify it somehow for later conversion by other authors and editors.
  3. When the article has been completely de-wipified, uncheck the box at the bottom of the edit page asking if material has been imported from Wikipedia. Until all the text has been de-wipified, this box should remain checked.

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