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Welcome Page

Statement of problem

Please be brief and specific in your request (polar questions are best) and add relevant links if available. Please state a time frame in which you expect a decision.

External partners can in principle contribute to the project in multiple ways, e.g. by providing services (e.g. server hosting, legal advice, marketing), code or content (as far as permitted by copyright and CZ policy) or reviews of any of these. In practice, it is not clear how such collaboration would have to be handled, so relevant policy will have to be developed. The notes taken on this page shall be forwarded to the councils in due time. --Daniel Mietchen 22:19, 16 January 2011 (UTC)

Formal restatement of problem

This section defines the section structure of the decision.

Existing applicable policy

There is a draft at CZ:Bot policy.


Decisions by the governing bodies

Auxiliary policy

Draft decision

The text below is what I plan to decide in this case. Feel free to edit the text if you think this improves it. If your edits require discussion, please use the dedicated section below. Editing and discussion in this "Draft decision" section shall stop 24h after my last edit to it.'

Discussion of Draft decision

When reading or editing this section, please keep in mind that the current version of the draft decision might be different from the one referred to by previous commenters.


Post-decision comments