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This page needs to be cleaned up, organized, and of course expanded.

Started from Fred Salsbury's list (

American Physical Society There are several panels, committees and forums, i.e., interest groups, which might be interested.

FORUM ON EDUCATION: this is the interest group on education Chair, Margaret McMahan, LBNL, EMAIL:

Committee On Education: the official APS committee. Chair, Ramon Lopez, Florida Institute of Technology,

Forum on Physics and Society: Chair, George Nelson Lewis, MIT,

American Chemical Society

Committee on Education

Chair, Joseph A. Heppert, University of Kansas,

Division of Chemical Education

Char, Loretta Jones, University of Northern Colorado,

Biophysical Society

Committee on Education

Chair, Richard D. Ludescher, Rutgers,

Protein Society

Commitee of Education

Leigh Plesniak (I think she's the chair) University of San Diego leigh@SanDiego.Edu

From Paul Tanner:

The professional mathematics organizations that CZ might want to contact would include the MAA and the AMS. They give news at their websites. They have online, general interest publications in which CZ could be highlighted, the AMS Notices and the MAA FOCUS.

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