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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about GNU Free Documentation License.
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  • Fair use [r]: A limitation of United States federal copyright law providing that a greater societal good is achieved when limited material from copyrighted works can be used without prior permission of the copyright holder. [e]
  • Free Software Foundation [r]: Massachusetts-based non-profit organization founded by Richard Stallman to support the free software movement. [e]
  • GNU [r]: A free operating system modeled after AT&T's UNIX, originally announced by Dr. Richard Stallman on September 27th, 1983. The acronym GNU stands for "GNU is not Unix" and is intended to be a play on words. [e]
  • Mathematics [r]: The study of quantities, structures, their relations, and changes thereof. [e]
  • Medical error [r]: Mistakes made in a medical setting with respect to patient care, sanitation or medical administration. A mistake is less than optimal action, thus failure to set up efficient procedures and routines which minimize mistakes is medical error. [e]
  • Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago [r]: A predominantly black church located in south Chicago with upwards of 10,000 members, established in 1961. [e]
  • Wikipedia [r]: An online encyclopedia in every major language, open to anonymous editing by anyone. [e]