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(CC [1]) Photo: Rosemary Bliss
Entrance Filoli House

Located in the city of Woodside, near Crystal Springs Reservoir, and almost directly on the San Andreas Fault, Filoli is a mansion and formal gardens built in 1915–1917 by William Bowers Bourn II, and designed by Willis Polk. The Bourn family made their fortune owning the Empire Gold mine, the greatest producing gold mine in California. Filoli has 16 acres of formal gardens. In 1937 it was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. William P. Roth. Mrs. Roth was a daughter of Captain William Matson of shipping company fame. In 1975 Mrs. Roth donated house and gardens to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday, except in the winter. The name Filoli was taken from Bourn's favorite motto: 'Fight for a just cause, love your fellow man, live a good life.'

(CC [2]) Photo: Christopher Chan
A pool in the gardens at Filoli