Liard River

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Lafferty, dry docked for winter at Fort Simpson.

The Liard River is a tributary to the Mackenzie River, with its headwaters in the Rocky Mountains.[1] Its major tributary is the South Nahanni River. Its mouth is at Fort Simpson.

A 200 metre long bridge allows the Alaska Highway to cross the Liard, at mile 620.[1]

The ferry Lafferty allows for crossings of the river at the river's mouth.[2] Her engines failed on November 4, 2020.


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  2. Sarah Sibley. Crew of stranded Liard River ferry now safe, 2020-11-04. “The MV Lafferty ferry, outside the village of Fort Simpson, became stranded on Monday. An engine is said to have failed, leaving the ferry 200 metres from shore with the river fast freezing over.”