Midland Main Line

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The Midland Main Line is a major railway in the United Kingdom, linking London St. Pancras to Sheffield. In the 19th century the railway was gradually opened southwards by the Midland Railway. Initially the MR ran trains south of Bedford by way of a now-closed branch line to Hitchin, after which they shared the East Coast Main Line into London Kings Cross. This arrangement proved costly and difficult to operate, so in the late 19th century the Midland built their own route south of Bedford, through Luton. Today the railway is operated by East Midlands Trains, as well as by First Capital Connect who operate electric services from Bedford to Brighton by way of London's Snow Hill Tunnel.

List of Places Served

In order from south to north, the major settlements on the Midland Main Line are:

Formerly the Midland Main Line ran as far as Manchester by way of the now-closed route through the Peak District National Park. Part of this line has been reopened between Matlock and Rowsley by a preservation society named Peak Rail. South of Matlock the line is open as a branch from Derby.