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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Public.
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Parent topics

  • Everything - Conventional use of the terms public and private is ordinarily exhaustive. Any thing may be said to be either public or private. Reading Citizendium, "a Citizen's Compendium of everything", for example, is a public act since access is open and anyone can do it. Discussing what one has read may be either public or private (or both), depending on the circumstances. However, authoring and editing articles, are public acts in two additional senses because authors and editors must identify themselves by their real names (cannot remain private and anonymous) and must meet established published (and therefore public) criteria for expertise in their areas of interest.
  • Public or Private - The dichotomy of public or private is typically used exhaustively: Everything is either public or private; there are no intermediate options or alternatives.


Other related topics

  • Certified public accountant: (Or in commonwealth countries as a chartered public accountant. An accountant who has passed a rigorous qualifying examination and is recognized as qualified to offer audit opinions on the accuracy of audited financial statements. [e]
  • Notary public: A public official or certain other licensed or certified persons who can witness and authenticate signatures, administer oaths and perform certain other acts specified by law. [e]
  • Public access: Open, readily available opportunity for members of a public to receive information, make use of public facilities, enter or cross public lands or rights of way, view documents or records, or utilize communications media to disseminate thoughts or ideas, [e]
  • Public address: A speech to a large audience (public), particularly one dealing with matters of public interest or public policy. [e]

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