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  • Air Traffic Control [r]: A system for managing the safe operation of large numbers of aircraft in shared airspace, day or night, and in almost all weather, keeping the aircraft managed by positive control from a network of interconnected ground stations [e]
  • Anti-shipping missile [r]: An air, surface (sea or land), or submarine-launched missile that can track and intercept a maneuvering ship target against the background of moving water [e]
  • Bistatic [r]: A detection system which comprises a transmitter and receiver which are separated by a distance that is comparable to the expected target distance. [e]
  • Go-onto-location-in-space [r]: A weapons guidance paradigm in which the weapon guides itself to a specific set of geographic coordinates and activates its warhead, rather than sensing and tracking a target [e]
  • Viking program [r]: The successful mission of space probes to Mars, Viking 1 and Viking 2, each designed to study the planet, and launched 20 August 1975, and 9 September 1975 respectively. [e]