Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

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The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (shortened to RANS) is an All-Russian scientific organization that unites naturalists and humanitarians elected as its Full Members (Academicians) and Corresponding Members.


The mission of the RANS is to develop the science, education and culture in order to promote the economic and spiritual renaissance of Russia.


The RANS is functioning on the basis of its statutes and the legislation by the government. The activities of the academy cover the whole territory of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of foreign countries, where branches of the academy have been established.

The activities of the RANS are regulated by its statutes. The academy has elected to its body world famous scientists and scholars from allover the world. The list includes more than 1500 Ph.D.s’ and professors of leading scientific research organizations and institutions of higher education, and authors of scientific discoveries in the fields of sciences.


Among the members of the academy there are Nobel, Lenin, State Prize laureates. Honored Scientists of Russia, Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and other national and foreign academies.

Having such a potential, the RANS is capable of solving important scientific and technological problems of Russia and the world.

Academicians are of two classes: Corresponding Members approximately have the same standing as for example the members of the American Academy of Sciences. Full Members have the same recognition in Russia as the Nobel Prize winners in the West.


An important part of activities of the RANS is oriented towards publishing a series of encyclopedias and dictionaries in various fields of science.

Improving and perfectiong the current educational system in Russia is one of the most important tasks of the RANS.

Dubna State University

The RANS and its members participate in the educational activities of the Dubna State University, in improving the educational standards, developing specialized higher education programs and narrowing the gap between science and education and the basic and applied research work.


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