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Approach to disambiguation

This looks like a Wikipedia disambiguation page. Is it? Well, anyway, CZ will have different approach to disambiguation. A disambiguation page (at least by my original design for Wikipedia--yep, this is another thing I invented) isn't meant to list every conceivable sense of a word. Who and what is it used for? It isn't merely used by contributors to play the game, "Let's think of as many things that include 'mole' in the name as we can! What fun!" When you play that game, you come up with bizarre things like listing "moleskin" as a one of the things the word "mole" can mean. No, "mole" can never mean "moleskin."

Anyway, for the answer, see CZ:Naming Conventions#Disambiguation pages. --Larry Sanger 09:10, 22 February 2008 (CST)