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Only the proposer of the referendum and Election Committee members may modify this page. Substantive modifications by the proposer after the referendum has been formally proposed at 'June 2015 Referenda' will invalidate the signatures of any current supporters, and require them to sign again. Comments should be placed on the Talk page.

This page contains a proposed referendum question, the existing rule(s) which the proposer and any supporters of the referendum wish to change, elaboration on the proposal, and the proposed new text.

Institutionalizing Citizendium’s Verified Real Names Requirement, June 2015

Proposed by Russell D. Jones, and...

A proposed referendum on existing rules follows. If it is voted on, Citizens could support or oppose the question by indicating 'Yes' or 'No'. Under Article 37, two-thirds majority is required for this referendum to pass because it proposes to modify the Charter.

To support the establishment of a referendum on this issue, sign here.


Given that there was a vigorous debate in the preceding term about the prospect of the Council changing the qualifications for applicants such that applicants could use a pseudonym (contrary to some citizens' understanding of the charter), this proposal seeks to make clear that applications must be in the real name of the user in addition to any other criteria set by the council. That this is in the charter will require a charter change, and not a council change of policy, to change.

Article 2 of the Charter currently (June 2015) states:

  • Citizenship shall be open to anyone who fulfills the basic conditions for participation as defined by the Citizendium Council—including registering according to the real names policy—and agrees to abide by this Charter.

This referendum replaces Article 2 with the following:

  • All persons who apply for a Citizendium account shall do so under their real name and according to other criteria that may be established by the Citizendium Council. Application process shall be defined by the Citizendium Council. Participants in Citizendium agree to abide by this charter and other terms of participation as established by the Citizendium Council.