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Born in 1974, I was raised in a small southwest Kansas farming town (pop. 450). From an early age, I loved to write, and when I was in my teens, I realized I also enjoyed teaching. My father became ill and passed away in the spring of 1997; this event moved me to begin writing my first novel, which would remain unfinished until 2004. I have yet to seek a publisher for the novel, and have begun other works while I decide what the best course of action might be with regards to the finished novel.

I graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Education in 1998. After graduation, I taught for six years, the first three in two small southwest Kansas towns, and the last three at a private school near Fort Worth, Texas. In 2004, I left teaching to start my own business. While this venture went well, my passion remained in education. This being the case, in August 2007, I applied for and won a post teaching middle school Language Arts and Social Studies. My specific area of expertise is education, but I have a devoted dilettante's interest in both history and literature, as these are the specific fields in which I teach.