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Mariela Szirko is a neuropharmacologist with degrees in pharmacy and biochemistry who has also had a teaching career in neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology. She is head of the Neurophysiology Department at the Centre of Neurobiological Research, Ministry of Health of the Argentine Republic, Full Professor of Neurophysiology in the Department of Neuroscience, and researcher in charge of projects in the Laboratory of Electroneurobiological Research of the Neuropsychiatric Hospital J. T. Borda, Buenos Aires City Government. She has also worked in several CONICET (Argentinian Council of Scientific Investigations) research projects for the Laboratory of Sensory Research and the Physiology Department of the Pharmacy and Biochemistry Faculty, University of Buenos Aires, and is editor of the journal Electroneurobiology, online at The central focus of her work is investigating brain biophysics and neurochemical microprocesses in relativistic perspective.

(Biographical note from pp. 601/2 in Helmut Wautischer, ed., Ontology of Consciousness: Percipient Action: A Bradford Book - The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass.-London, 2008)