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Born in 1960, educated to Masters degree standard (summa cum laude) in mathematics.

Occasional stand-up poet and musical performer in the Reading, UK area.

Avid reader of science fiction and player of fantasy roleplaying games in youth.

Have travelled to various countries in the course of my job as a computer programmer (have been in that business for approx. 25 years).

I possess a predilection for the utilisation of sesquipedalian linguistic constructs, and consider myself an expert user of English. I have a modicum of French, and a smattering of Russian and some other languages.

Numerology? I'll give you numerology!

Take the odd primes in order.

  • 3: Number of initials in my name.
  • 5: Number of letters in middle name.
  • 7: Number of letters in first name.
  • 11: Number of letters in surname.
  • 13: Letter of alphabet of first initial.
  • 17: Letter of alphabet of third initial.
  • 19: Letter of alphabet of middle initial.
  • 23: Total number of letters in my name.

Beat that.