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WE.177 (nuclear weapon): The final series of British-developed nuclear gravity bombs; "A" version was boosted fission in the low kiloton range, configured for bombing and as a depth charge; "C" version was a 200 KT thermonuclear weapon [e]

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  • Royal Navy [r]: By long naval tradition, when there is no qualifier but "Royal", the navy being discussed is that of the United Kingdom. [e]
  • Royal Air Force [r]: The British military service primarily responsible for air warfare [e]

Other related topics

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization [r]: Intergovernmental military alliance based on the North Atlantic Treaty which was signed on 4 April 1949, with its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. [e]
  • Fission device [r]: An assembly of components, not necessarily in a form usable as a weapon, which will produce a large energy release through nuclear fission [e]
    • Boosted fission [r]: A technique for injecting tritium into the core of a fission device as it is undergoing implosion, to increase the generation of neutrons either for increased fission efficiency or to trigger a thermonuclear Secondary [e]
  • Fusion device [r]: An explosive device, whether used as a weapon or for other purposes, which depends for most of its explosive power on the release of energy by combining atomic nuclei [e]
  • Anti-submarine warfare [r]: (ASW) In the context of naval warfare, the mission of attacking underwater vessels, from platforms under naval command and control. [e]
  • Tactical nuclear weapon [r]: Nuclear weapons used by land, sea, or air forces against enemy forces, supporting installations or facilities, in support of operations that contribute to the accomplishment of a military mission of limited scoper usually limited to the area of military operations; usually smaller than strategic weapons; largely replaced by precision guided munitions [e]