Workbook of Atmospheric Dispersion Estimates

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Author D. Bruce Turner
Language English
Publisher CRC Press
Date 1994 (Second Edition)
Cover type Hardback
Pages 192
ISBN 1-56670-023-X

The current edition of the book Workbook of Atmospheric Dispersion Estimates provides the foundation for understanding air pollution dispersion modeling.[1]

This book was first published in 1969 as Publication Number 999-AP-26 by the Public Health Services division of the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare and it has been a classic in its field for many decades.[2]

Subjects covered in the book

The current edition was published in 1994 and has twice the number of pages as the first edition. The subjects covered in the updated and revised book include: the effects of wind and turbulence; discussion of plume rise; and Gaussian dispersion modeling along with its accuracy limitations.

The book include many example problems and their solutions to illustrate the estimating of atmospheric pollutant concentrations for many situations.

The book also includes a diskette that provides programs which permit the reader to evaluate the sensitivity of dispersion modeling to varying the values of the modeling parameters.


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