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Citizendium Initiatives
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Welcome Page

Citizens--please pitch in. We need your design skills. We're adding several new introductory pages for different aspects of the CZ community. They'll be inviting--simple and well-designed. Your help with coming up with excellent MediaWiki code designs for these introductory pages will be most appreciated. Most importantly will be our new project home page, CZ:Home, which will replace CZ:Project Home. Please dive in if you have the time and inclination, and I'll help of course. --Larry Sanger

Current "big initiatives":

CZ:Core Articles
A competition to write the 4,000 highest-priority articles.


A log of our efforts to recruit people en masse to the project.
Mailing List Outreach
A list of mailing lists that we might use to get the word out.
Blog Outreach
A list of blogs we might ask to help get the word out.
Professional Organization Outreach
A list of professional and academics organizations we might approach, and plans to do so.
Recruitment Letter
Letters anyone may use to recruit new contributors to CZ.